“I am likely to limit myself to things which are reasonably easy,

safe, profitable and pleasant”.
~Warren Buffet


Dear friend, with Product Wiz 2.0 you don’t have to mimic others any more.
By mastering Product Wiz 2.0, which is a detailed case study, you will be able to finally become your own boss by creating quick short info products, providing UNIQUE and QUALITY content, eagerly sought after by potential customers. Churning out compact info products, price and target them correctly will increase sales and generate growing passive income. What can be better than that?…:)

We live in the 21st century, a DIGITAL age. Commodities become virtual. Information sells the same way as people used to sell brick and mortar before. You need to learn to navigate in this new sea of info-business and get your own piece of a pie from it. Luckily, this ocean is vast enough for everyone to sail.

In this big wide sea you can start by building your own small dinghies, then yachts, brigs and larger vessels, and finally end up by creating your own Naval Fleet of digital products! Wouldn’t it be great to achieve in your life?




With Product Wiz 2.0 you will learn how to spend LESS TIME on creating more QUALITY info products and how to sell them as hot cakes!

You will love using Product Wiz 2.0 course.  In these most detailed 10 video lessons + Pdf  I am sharing  a CASE STUDY of creating digital info product from the scratch, right to the end result and final rankings! Nothing is missed out and you will be literally looking over my shoulder how the whole work process is being done. I break it in easier pieces so that you can focus entirely on each step, perfect it and move to the next one. It is a no-fail way of building your own digital empire.

Frankly, there are not many online courses of this kind nowadays. What you mostly come across is, as we all know, either rehashed information, rewritten PLRs, or if it is representing personal unique experience of the  author, – just a short  course with 1 or 2 cool techniques, given in a form of Pdf. But problem is that having just few pieces of a Puzzle won’t do it for you!

If you want to succeed in online marketing, you need something very COMPLETE. Product Wiz 2.0 is COMPREHENSIVE, as it contains ALL detailed steps which info product creator needs to take when he or she sets a goal of building their own digital real estate.

Soon you will be even able to make 1-2 products a day! Selling them starting from as low as for $5.00 – $7.00 each (and you can have 5,10 or 15 promotional vehicles for each!), with search volume around roughly 2000-6000/month, will lead to easily achieving $1500-$2500/month on autopilot, and grow!

Remember: When you master this type of quick digital product creation, you can then move to creating bigger and more expensive products, to sell them for higher profits.

Great thing about making money online selling info products is that you are getting real tangible money for it and can buy physical goods with that money. Isn’t it a kind of magic?… You sell immaterial to get material! And everyone are happy! If you get this product, you will too be getting “non-physical stuff”, but due to the knowledge contained in it, you will then be able to convert this knowledge into your own business and earn money with it!



One of the greatest things about this course is that you will be able to do all steps using FREE tools!

The only paid option I am describing in it is an alternative content sources but apart of that I am giving very valuable and FREE source of the endless and unique content, which you will be able to use for your product without risking a copyscape penalty (This is one of the Secret Sauces of the Course!)related-pictures-cornucopia-of-fall-harvest-vector-clip-art-kqbmjg-clipart

Now let me tell you what you’ll receive in this course.

First , a short intro video will give you an idea of what exactly you will be learning. Then we will begin the whole step-by-step process of building the new digital info product from the scratch and setting up the whole system, so that it works infallibly for you 24/7, even while you sleep.

You will learn how to find proper niche and keywords, how to find unique content and how to create short & quality digital info product (video +  Blog page) based on it, which immediately ranks on the 1st page in front of eager customers.

The whole process will unfold before your eyes as you will be watching over my shoulder how I am doing that. This is the best way to learn.

(I will be available even after that, should you have any questions, and will be happy to assist you with necessary tips and advises).






Intro – 5 min, general outline of the whole course to give you clearer idea.


Video #1 – Keyword and niche research. ————————-actual value $35.00


Video #2 – Content (Secret Copyright FREE Source!)——actual value $35.00


Video #3 – Free media resources to use—————————actual value $27.00


Video #4 – Making video content ————————————–actual value $29.00


Video #5 – Uploading video and setting PayPal links ——-actual value $27.00


Video #6 – Setting video and basic description box ———actual value $23.00


Video #7 – On page SEO and full DB structure setup ——-actual value $37.00


Video #8 – External blog creation ————————————–actual value $29.00


Video #9 – Configuring iFrame code in the blog—————–actual value $27.00


Video #10– Off page SEO—————————————————-actual value $37.00


+Final Rankings demonstration video.


+ 2,479 words PDF ILLUSTRATED GUIDE: –———————– actual value $67.00





Total Value: $373.00






It has several important aspects that make it stand out from others.


First – there are not so many start to finish complete over the shoulder product creation and SEO-ing courses out there.


Second, – it is the actual case study, not just a theory or methods, which many courses sell.


Third – it has many golden nuggets in it, such as getting Copyscape free content for your products that can’t be found anywhere else and most people don’t know about it’s existence, and the cool up-to date keyword search techniques.


Coming along with bonuses, it is a full-fledged package with both personal product creation and Affiliate marketing training!


It includes terrific SEO techniques, which are up to date and highlights few important Google/YouTube trends that affect keyword search and ranking, which again, majority of people are not aware of (such as trend bending toward long tail natural sounding keywords, etc)


Fourth – it again comes up with offering the whole system using completely free tools, which is so crucial.


Fifth – it gives not only theory but actual technical details of setting up the whole campaign, from video creation to PayPal buttons settings.


Finally, it demonstrates a proof of immediate rankings achieved during this live case study campaign.





+3 Awesome Bonuses

(My Two Best Products bundle):

Bonus# 1: CBTube Easy Money ——————-Actual Value $53.00


One of my most successful guides on Video Affiliate Marketing !
In it you will learn how to build online income stream with Affiliate Marketing, using existing Click Bank (or other platform) products and earning commission by promoting them via your video channels. Detailed case study covering from A to Z the whole process of niche research, video creation technicalities and SEO, up to the final results.





Bonus# 2:  CB-YouTube Takeover—————-Actual  Value $67.00


The enhanced version of CBTube Easy Money, with the addition of techniques teaching how to build and monetize  subscribers list in your Affiliate campaigns + GREAT tips on how to make good quality videos!







Bonus#3: How to write articles that sell——-Actual Value $23.00





Total Bonuses Value: $143.00   For you FREE!!!!!


Subtotal value: $516.00


Your price today:

$516, $397, $297…

only $197.95 for the Entire Package!

(2,479 words Illustrated Guide + 10 Case Study Video Lessons

+ 3 Awesome Bonuses!)

197-one-time-new2belcherbutton1 time payment of $197.95

badge160 days money back guarantee!


It’s a simple thing actually: if you want to learn how to make money selling your own digital real estate, you need to grab this course right away,  and replicate each step shown in it.  Should you have any difficulty for the first time (remember yet, this video course is VERY detailed!), contact me and let me know what exactly you did and what problem you faced, and I will do my best to assist you. If you still don’t find it working for you and delivering what it says, just let me know and I will refund it in full within 60 days. Everyone on the internet marketing Warrior Forum know me for great quality products and for following up with my customers and helping them after purchase, which you can see from their comments under my products.

Sounds good? Ok, see ya on the other side then!

finalone time payment of just $197.95 for

Pdf Guide+10 Videos+My 2 Best Product Bundle Bonuses

belcherbuttonbadge160 days money back guarantee!